About the Gallery


The ArteMbassy Gallery was established in Toronto, Canada in 2006. From the original industrial warehouse space to smooth online gallery, ArteMbassy has been home to Canadian contemporary artists since its’ inception. It continues to host a roster of well-established artists such as Christopher Broadhurst, Martha Johnson and Brenda Webster Tweel and provides an exhibition space for emerging talent, many of whom are artists working within the ArteMbassy Lab School. The Gallery, over the past 14 years, has presented carefully curated exhibitions with artists such as Erin Armstrong, Christopher Broadhurst, Cherie Harte, Martha Johnson, Fabrizio Sclocco, Brenda Webster Tweel, Michael Halliwell, Eddi Li and Ruth Brunzema. ArteMbassy has long developed cultural programming and events, courses in the visual arts, public talks, art lecture series, art book discussions, studio visits and gallery tours. See www.artembassy.ca

Today,  ArteMbassy is in the forefront of the digital art market with innovative online viewing rooms and special exhibitions spaces for video and installation art. We look forward to showing a broad range of compelling work as we move forward with this online presence. 



Founder and Director


“By founding ArteMbassy, Julie McMeekin has created an opportunity for artistic experience that few other art institutions in Toronto can parallel.”

Ms McMeekin's expertise in the art field began in the mid 1970’s when she began her training in the Fine Art program at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. During her third year at Queen’s she studied in Aix- en- Provence, France at the Leo Marchutz School of Fine Art. After returning from Europe she began teaching as a Visual Art Specialist at the Canadian Junior College, Carriacou, the Grenadines and later at St. Clements School and Havergal College in Toronto.She later expanded her expertise by joining Steiner Corporate Art Consultants where she was responsible for advising corporations on the purchase of contemporary Canadian art. As an art consultant, her understanding of business, the art market and contemporary art grew exponentially.In 2006 Julie founded The ArteMbassy Gallery School transforming a warehouse space on the upper east side of Toronto into an art school studio and exhibition space. ArteMbassy was centred there for 14 years, until early 2020. Responding to the needs of the time, the school transitioned to a vibrant online platform. One year later, the Gallery followed suit.Julie is currently director of both the online ArteMbassy Lab School and the online ArteMbassy Gallery. She remains wholly committed to supporting visual artists, art education and cultivating a love for art.