Suzanne Metz was born in South Africa and received her BA Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in 1980 from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. She has been practicing as a professional artist in Canada for over 30 years and exhibits and sells her work both in Toronto and internationally.

Her works are predominantly on canvas, but paper pieces are as relevant, both substrates incorporating all types of dry media mixed within her acrylic paint. Her use of spray paint has become a favourite and has added a graffiti element to her more recent works. Colour has varied from the earthy tones of her African heritage toward a more vibrant and pure palette as well as neutral blacks and whites. The symbols, energetic mark-making and varied texture continually capture an energy and spirit that moves us through each piece.

"My playfulness and experimentation is a journey which I shall always explore, incorporating new and exciting processes remaining the leading component of my work - the spontaneity and excitement of these explorations makes painting my passion. My heart and soul inhabit each piece I create and it is my hope that each work will somehow touch the viewer emotively - a reaction is all that is required to attribute to success!!"